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The first Western for preschoolers, the animated series “Sheriff Callie’s Wild West” follows Callie, a loveable kitty cat sheriff, along with her deputy woodpecker, Peck, and their fun-loving cactus sidekick, Toby, as they watch over their pleasant little frontier town of Nice and Friendly Corners, ensuring that everyone follows the “Cowpoke Code” of fairness, honesty, hospitality, cooperation and hard work. Utilizing the folklore of the Old West to impart lessons about good morals, manners and social ethics for kids age 2-7, the series highlights Disney Junior’s dedication to programming that features heartfelt storytelling as an impetus for learning and development.

Starring the voice of Mandy Moore (Disney’s “Tangled”) as Sheriff Callie, each episode features two 11-minute tales that focus on Callie, Peck and Toby as they greet their friends and neighbors and set out to ensure that their town remains the friendliest in the West. With her noodle lasso and pink cowgirl hat, Callie is always ready to come to the aid of her fellow townsfolk, guiding them in making the right choices. Whether teaching Peck about good sportsmanship through a game of horseshoes, or helping her horse Sparky regain his confidence after he slips and falls during a barrel race, Callie demonstrates the importance of being a good friend and neighbor.

Through relatable themes and winsome characters, the series helps reinforce lessons about forgiveness, honesty and sharing that parents are teaching their kids at home. For example, when Toby finds a pair of cowboy boots along the bank of Nugget Creek, Callie helps him realize that the honorable thing to do is to return the boots to their rightful owner instead of keeping them.

As with all Disney Junior programming, music plays a key role in “Sheriff Callie’s Wild West” with each episode presenting two original songs that highlight and enhance the story being told. With an emphasis on country-western music, the series pays homage to classic Western films and cowboy musical revues with songs including “We’re Gonna Clean up this Town” and “The Cowgirl Twirl.” A trio of singing prairie dogs pops up to perform little ditties throughout each episode reinforcing the lessons that are being introduced and providing a comedic transition between scenes.

Populating the town of Nice and Friendly Corners is Ella Cowbelle, the proprietress of Ella’s Milkshake Saloon; a posh skunk named Priscilla who loves being the center of attention; Farmer Stinky, an overall-clad skunk who also happens to be Priscilla’s cousin; Mr. Dillo, an armadillo who’s the town’s blacksmith; Uncle Bun, a good-hearted jack rabbit who runs the general store; Doc Quakers, a loquacious duck who works as the town doctor; and Tio Tortuga, a desert turtle who is the oldest resident in town and loves to entertain his friends with his stories of the Old West.

Recurring characters in the series include Dirty Dan and his brother Dusty, two javelina miners who like to stir up trouble and usually end up needing Callie’s help; a roadrunner named Cody who works as the Pony Express Rider; and Frida Fox, a highfalutin rodeo star.

In addition to Moore, the series stars Lucas Grabeel (Disney’s “High School Musical,” ABC Family’s “Switched at Birth”) as Peck; Jessica DiCicco (Disney’s “Gravity Falls”) as Toby; Mo Collins (“Parks and Recreation”) as Ella Cowbelle, Frida Fox and newspaper editor Abigail Crane; Cree Summer (“WordGirl”) as Priscilla Skunk; Kevin Michael Richardson (Disney’s “Wander Over Yonder”) as Farmer Stinky and Uncle Bun; Jeff Bennett (Disney’s “Jake and the Never Land Pirates”) as Mr. Dillo, Doc Quakers and Cody the Pony Express Rider; Gary Anthony Williams (Disney’s “Doc McStuffins”) as Dirty Dan and Dusty; and Carlos Alazraqui (Disney’s “Planes”) as Tio Tortuga.

Created by Denis Morella and George Evelyn and developed for television by Holly Huckins, the “Sheriff Callie’s Wild West” is produced by Wild Canary in association with Disney Junior. Huckins serves as executive producer and story editor, Morella is director and Robert Ramirez is supervising director. It carries a TV-Y parental guideline.

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