Encore Broadcasts of ABC’s ‘The Chew,’ July 16 – 20

Encore Broadcasts of ABC’s ‘The Chew,’ July 16 – 20


It’s a week of encore broadcasts on ABC’s “The Chew”; plus new summer how-to tips each day.

Encore broadcasts of “The Chew” for the week of July 16-20 are as follows (subject to change):

Monday, July 16 (OAD: 1/24/18) – “Must-Make Meals!” – Summer how-to tips; Kyra Sedgwick (“Story of a Girl”) joins Clinton to make a must-have meal; Carla’s can’t-miss, must-bake tips; Michael is cooking with the latest trending ingredient.

Tuesday, July 17 (OAD: 1/26/18) – “Brush Up on Breakfast” – Summer how-to tips; Carla is in the kitchen with the multitalented Toni Braxton (“Faith Under Fire”) to make a delicious breakfast; Clinton is serving up some hacks that change the way you do breakfast; “Michael’s Skillet Skillz.”

Wednesday, July 18 (OAD: 9/13/17) – “The Chew Lab” – Summer how-to tips; “The Chew”’s senior culinary stylist, Jackie Rothong, tests the latest food trend with Clinton Kelly; actor Adrian Grenier reveals his new campaign to protect sea life.

Thursday, July 19 (OAD: 1/16/18) – “Big Bites on a Budget” – Summer how-to tips; Michael’s “5 in 5” that will save time and money; Clinton cooks with Laura Benanti (“The Detour,” Broadway’s “Meteor Shower”); “The Chew” is sharing a VIP behind-the-scenes look at the delicious delights being served in our green room.

Friday, July 20 (OAD: 10/20/17) – “Dinner Dos and Don’ts” – Summer how-to tips; Gabrielle Union talks to Clinton about her new book, “We’re Going to Need More Wine”; Carla’s easy pantry dessert; Michael reveals simple tips for foolproof entertaining.

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