K.C. Undercover


Popular actress and recording artist Zendaya (“Dancing with the Stars,” “Shake It Up”) stars as K.C. Cooper, an everyday high school math whiz and martial arts expert turned international super spy, in the hit comedy series “K.C. Undercover,” now in its second season on Disney Channel.

The Coopers are a family of elite spies, led by K.C.’s parents, seasoned agents Craig and Kira. K.C. is somewhat socially awkward when it comes to everyday civilian life, but she is fearless as a spy and confident in her abilities to take on the toughest of enemy agents and covert operations. When she’s not saving the world, K.C. relies on her free-spirted best friend Marisa to help her navigate the ups and downs of teenage life, including matters of the heart.

K.C.’s younger brother Ernie is finally starting to feel like a valuable member of the team and with each mission, the computer specialist gains more confidence as an agent and even tries to build a new skill as an inventor. While the family’s humanoid robot Judy is still learning the nuances of interacting with kids her “own age,” the spitfire begins to understand and demonstrate human emotions beyond a normal android’s level. Meanwhile, Marisa is working on making a difference in the world by giving back to the community and helping K.C. on missions whenever she can.

With even higher stakes, more intricate disguises and daring missions, K.C. and her family continue to face off against their longtime arch rival, The Other Side, and enemy agents near and far, to save the world. No matter the assignment, the country can always count on K.C. and the Cooper family to stick together and get the job done.

The live-action series also stars veteran actors Kadeem Hardison (“Static Shock,” “A Different World”) and Tammy Townsend (“The Client List”) as Craig and Kira Cooper; Kamil McFadden as Ernie Cooper; Trinitee Stokes as Judy; and Veronica Dunne as Marisa.

“K.C. Undercover” was created by Corinne Marshall (“Surviving Jack,” “Suburgatory”) and is executive-produced by Rob Lotterstein (“Shake It Up”). Zendaya is a co-producer. It is a production of It’s A Laugh Productions, Inc. and carries a TV-Y7 FV parental guideline.

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